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A work of Substance

Pinehurst Resort

As the birthplace of American Golf, Pinehurst Resort has been around since 1895. So how does a brand with a storied history and reputation for Southern hospitality, become not only relevant for today’s golfers, but a leader within the hotel, hospitality and golf tourism industry? By working with Substance to re-imagine Continue Reading…

Our capabilities

Our multi-disciplinary team is your multi-disciplinary team.


  • Research
  • Business Solutions Strategy
  • Site Analytics
  • Concept Development
  • Content Strategy & Development


  • Identity
  • Visual Language
  • Art Direction & Design
  • Brand Tone & Voice
  • Primary Messaging

Interaction Design

  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Interface Design
  • Responsive Design: Desktop, Handheld & Beyond


  • Content Management Systems
  • Front-End & Back-End Coding
  • Online Applications
  • Web, Commerce & Mobile

From the blog

  1. Exploring the 7 Wonders of Oregon (Interactively)

    When we were asked to envision how Travel Oregon’s largest marketing initiative to date could work online, we didn’t limit ourselves to thinking about simply integrating a campaign on We imagined a way to support the marketing initiative AND extend content and functionality beyond the campaign. Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  2. Thoughts from Outdoor Retailer Winter 2014 (or Two Opportunities for Adventure Brands Online)

    This was my first time at Outdoor Retailer, one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive trade shows for outdoor and adventure brands. What I experienced there was overwhelming, inspiring, a bit puzzling, and the desire to purchase a ton of new gear. And I returned to Substance with some thoughts about the experience: the role of brand online for adventure brands, and the brand opportunities for retailer and consumer education. Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  3. Seven

    On January 19, 2014, Substance celebrated our seven year anniversary. There’s something about anniversaries that creates an excellent excuse to look back on the previous year, see what we did well, and what we can do better in 2014 and Year 8. Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  4. Make Mistakes

    Something that you’re going to do as an agency owner is make mistakes. It’s inevitable, and it’s something we all need to do in order to learn and improve ourselves. Continue Reading…

    Todd Moritz