Our Team

The People of Substance

  1. Stephen Landau Stephen Landau

    Creative Director & Principal

    With over sixteen years of experience concepting digital solutions, Stephen uses the idea of “brand” as a guide for both creative execution and digital implementation. The belief that brand is the way people feel about a company is paramount in the creative process where interactivity, functionality and design all work together to create a positive brand relationship - Interaction is Brand.

  2. Todd Moritz Todd Moritz

    Chief Operating Officer & Principal

    With a formal background in music, television and film production Todd turned his focus to the internet in 1994, heading to San Francisco to produce the original Levi.com. Working for companies like Foote Cone & Belding, Wieden+Kennedy and Organic he’s worked with many clients over the years, many of which you’ve heard of and he’d be more than happy to talk with you about.

  1. Robeson Kitchin Robeson Kitchin

    Technical Director
  2. Annie Gilbert Annie Gilbert

    Director of Project Management
  3. Nicole Levin Nicole Levin

    Art Director
  4. Nate Bedortha Nate Bedortha

    UI Developer
  5. Jesse Keyes Jesse Keyes

    UI Developer
  6. Isaac Viel Isaac Viel

    Analytics and QA
  7. Erin Kurtz Erin Kurtz

    Experience Director
Substance History

How did we get here?

Substance was formed in January of 2007 because we wanted to create the company we'd always dreamed of working for: A place filled with smart, creative, business-savvy people who are dedicated to doing great work. The kind of company that would create fantastic work for fantastic clients. Over six years into this journey, our work and our clients are a testament to who we are and what we do.

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Looking good this morning, Mt. Hood. #substancefieldtrip
Based on the changing needs of our development team, as well as assessing the value of UX and content deliverables to our clients, we’ve started the process of rethinking our process as it relates to user experience and content strategy. This means we have a unique opportunity: have someone who personifies our new approach join our team. Link to the job description is in our profile.
Thanks to AAA Oregon/Idaho for dropping off some party horns for the launch of their new site! #aWorkOfSubstance
Go nuts for launch doughnuts.
Exploring Santa Barbara by kayak. #seeSB #substancefieldtrip
The skate park in Santa Barbara has to be one of the best-located parks in the country - right on the beach by Stearns Wharf. #seeSB #substancefieldtrip
Walking the farmer's market with the chefs from @winecask - some amazing produce on sale here, and it seems all the chefs in Santa Barbara with freshness and localness are here. #seeSB #substancefieldtrip
Checking out the grounds at the Biltmore. #seeSB #substancefieldtrip
Checking out the Mission with #DeeTours #seeSB #substancefieldtrip