The People of Substance

  1. Stephen Landau Stephen Landau

    Creative Director & Principal

    With over sixteen years of experience concepting digital solutions, Stephen uses the idea of “brand” as a guide for both creative execution and digital implementation. The belief that brand is the way people feel about a company is paramount in the creative process where interactivity, functionality and design all work together to create a positive brand relationship - Interaction is Brand.

  2. Todd Moritz Todd Moritz

    Chief Operating Officer & Principal

    With a formal background in music, television and film production Todd turned his focus to the internet in 1994, heading to San Francisco to produce the original Working for companies like Foote Cone & Belding, Wieden+Kennedy and Organic he’s worked with many clients over the years, many of which you’ve heard of and he’d be more than happy to talk with you about.

  1. Nicole Levin Nicole Levin

    Art Director
  2. Isaac Viel Isaac Viel

    Analytics and QA
  3. Jeremy Pair Jeremy Pair

    Project Manager
  4. Robeson Kitchin Robeson Kitchin

    Back-End Developer
  5. Nate Bedortha Nate Bedortha

    UI Developer
  6. bsr Brent Rieck

    Technical Director
  7. Jesse Keyes Jesse Keyes

    UI Developer
  8. Annie Gilbert Annie Gilbert

    Project Manager
  9. Erin Kurtz Erin Kurtz

    Experience Director

How did we get here?

Substance was formed in January of 2007 because we wanted to create the company we’d always dreamed of working for: a place filled with smart, creative, business-savvy people who are dedicated to doing great work. The kind of company that would create fantastic work for fantastic clients. Over six years into this journey, our work and our clients are a testament to who we are and what we do.

We have an expression at Substance that began on Day One, and continues to this day: Do Better. Every day brings the opportunity for us to do even better than the day before. For ourselves. For our clients. For you.

View Substance through our eyes…

Want to track these all over the floor at Substance World HQ? Some current job openings provide that opportunity. Check out @work_at_substance for our active openings.
Received a very nice letter from the Webby Awards today letting us know our work for @pinehurstresort - - is an Honoree in the Travel category. Thanks Webby judges!
It's going to be tough to share these at the office... might need an "office sash" that we can share. Thanks @traveloregon for the set! (Read more about our involvement with the 7 Wonders here: #traveloregon #7wonders
What six hours of meetings does to a dozen #voodoo doughnuts.
Bringing a little bit of Portland to other parts of the world today. #voodoo #pdxcarpet
If you liked yesterday's group photo, you'll really like today's video: all the photos taken to capture that one moment. Want to be in the next group photo? We have jobs posted at @work_at_substance
Want to work with this great group of people? You can now track all of our job openings on Instagram by following @work_at_substance
First Friday Free means no lines, no crowds, and all the runs to yourself. Conveniently, we have some job openings:  #firstfridayfree #mthood #traveloregon
You know when you see a great commercial - the largest campaign ever for the state of Oregon - and it directs you to a website? It better be a worthwhile experience. New inspiration+information work for Travel Oregon - (Thanks to the entire Travel Oregon crew for helping make this happen, as well as shout outs to our friends and partners at Wieden+Kennedy and Sparkloft.)
Back on Valentine's Day, some of the Substance team got to go on a field trip with the Columbia Land Trust. It was quite an adventure! (Photo courtesy of @jsquaredpdx)
Regram from @stlandau. We love getting texts like this!
New on our site: Thoughts from Outdoor Retailer Winter 2014 (or Two Opportunities for Adventure Brands Online) -

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