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Working at Substance means being part of a close-knit, highly creative, hard-working team. We have an open, collaborative, results-only work environment. We work with some of the most amazing clients in the world like Travel Oregon, Pinehurst Resort, The North Face, Nike, Nutcase Helmets, and the Oregon Coast Visitors Association (to name just a few). Along with working with these great clients, we offer a benefits package that includes health, dental and vision benefits, 401k matching, and First Fridays Free where the first Friday of each month is a paid day off (get your work done, then go play).

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We’re a team of friendly, hard-working Portlanders who have a process-driven and proven approach to interactive projects which leads to awesome work. Join us.

Substance World Cup of Beer - it all comes down to this. BRAZIL (Xingu) vs. ENGLAND (Fullers ESB) in the finals (third place went to Belgium - Stella Artois). #SubstanceWCoB
Semi-finals of the Substance World Cup of Beer. Brazil (Xingu) vs. Belgium (Stella). England (Fullers ESB) vs. Argentina (Jerome). This determines who plays for all the pint glasses... #SubstanceWCoB
Today's Substance World Cup of Beer quarter-final matchups: Brazil (Xingu) vs. Japan (Asahi) and Spain (Estrella) vs. England (Fullers). Winners go on to the semi-finals against Belgium (Stella Artois) and Argentina (Jerome). #SubstanceWCoB
Today's Substance World Cup of Beer matchups: France (Kronenbourg 1664) vs. Belgium (Stella Artois) and Argentina (Jerome) vs. Russia (Baltika). Quarter-finals! #SubstanceWCoB
Today's winners: Spain (Estrella) over Mexico (Corona); Russia (Baltika) over Germany (Warsteiner). On to the quarterfinals! #SubstanceWCoB
Today's matchups in the Substance World Cup of Beer! Spain (Estrella) vs. Mexico (Corona). Germany (Warsteiner) vs. Russia (Baltika). The winners will move on to complete the quarter final brackets. #SubstanceWCoB
The results of today's Substance World Cup of Beer brackets: Brazil (Xingu) over Australia (Coopers) - Japan (Asahi) over Italy (Peroni) - and in a heartbreaking close match, Belgium (Stella Artois) over USA (Budweiser). Next time the USA will field a stronger beer. #SubstanceWCoB
Hell of a matchup in today's Substance World Cup of Beer. Brazil (Xingu) vs. Australia (Coopers). Japan (Asahi) vs. Italy (Peroni). And in an appropriate coincidence, USA (Budweiser) vs. Belgium (Stella Artois). #SubstanceWCoB
...right side finalized as well. Let's do this! #substancewcob
Left side of the Substance World Cup of Beer finalized... #SubstanceWCoB
Determining the final places for the Substance World Cup of Beers. England vs. Italy. Belgium vs. Russia. And USA vs. Germany.
We're working our way through the qualifying rounds of the Substance World Cup of Beer - Round of 16 brackets to be finalized by Thursday.

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