March 4, 2009

Show and Tell — The Recap

We want to thank everyone, presenters and attendees alike for joining us at the first Show and Tell PDX. It was more successful than we could have hoped, and we’ve already had requests for more. Before we get to the next one, I want to call out to certain people who made the night what it was.

Thanks to…

Thank you to all of the attendees. You were a great audience, although we’re going to require an RSVP if you want beer next time. #justsayin

Thank you to Brian for spinning the vinyl. You rocked.

Thank you to Jason for starting the night off with Choffy and for sharing with everyone.

Thank you to Shaun for wowing the crowd with the AIR image builder and sharing the source code. (we’re looking forward to seeing what people do with it)

Thanks to Scott for showing off the State of the Salmon. Data visualization FTW!

Thank you to Gene for showing off his cool iPhone app and for inviting us to be part of the beta. I can’t wait to start trying it out (although – can we talk about that logo?)

Vince, sorry for the bold declaration for your presentation title. But you brought it and delivered. Thank you.

Thanks to Daryl for showing up smelling of smoke. I’m honored that you shared such a great presentation and then jumped right back into fire. I appreciate you making the time for us.

Thank you to Jason for making us all hungry for both bacon and entrepreneurship, although we are still waiting on our bacon samples.

Thanks to the dude who left when we ran out of beer. I know it was coincidental, but I kept chuckling about it all night long.

Thank you to Substance and Pinch for putting this on and making it awesome.

I know I missed people. I’m sorry, but thank you as well.

What’s next?

So, where do we go from here? We’d like to do this again and soon, but we want your feedback. The night was great, but how can we make it better? Feel free to comment, or just send us an email and will get started on plans for the next one.

Until then, the People of Substance.

ps. videos of the presentations will be posted up soon. Keep your eye out for those.

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  1. I really enjoyed Show-n-tell PDX! Thanks for the chance to show and share Choffy with everyone. Love the other presenters as well. Can’t wait for the next one!

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