The Big Idea

Exploring the 7 Wonders of Oregon (Interactively)

When we were asked to envision how Travel Oregon’s largest marketing initiative to date could work online, we didn’t limit ourselves to thinking about simply integrating a campaign on We imagined a way to support the marketing initiative AND extend content and functionality beyond the campaign. Continue Reading…

Stephen Landau
  1. Thoughts from Outdoor Retailer Winter 2014 (or Two Opportunities for Adventure Brands Online)

    This was my first time at Outdoor Retailer, one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive trade shows for outdoor and adventure brands. What I experienced there was overwhelming, inspiring, a bit puzzling, and the desire to purchase a ton of new gear. And I returned to Substance with some thoughts about the experience: the role of brand online for adventure brands, and the brand opportunities for retailer and consumer education. Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  2. Seven

    On January 19, 2014, Substance celebrated our seven year anniversary. There’s something about anniversaries that creates an excellent excuse to look back on the previous year, see what we did well, and what we can do better in 2014 and Year 8. Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  3. Make Mistakes

    Something that you’re going to do as an agency owner is make mistakes. It’s inevitable, and it’s something we all need to do in order to learn and improve ourselves. Continue Reading…

    Todd Moritz
  4. Road Trip: The Redwoods

    We recently had the opportunity to travel down to Klamath, California to kick off a new project for the first hotel property to be located within the Redwood National and State Park. Part of this Discovery Phase was getting a sense of place for the area. Our intrepid adventurers Todd, Erin, Jeremy, and I captured some of the trip highlights in photographic form. What an amazing place, a fun road trip, and an exciting new client! Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  5. Specialize

    Nearly seven years ago we started Substance with a manifesto for Doing Better. We try to apply that phrase to everything we do, from the clients we work with, to the people we hire, to the way we run the actual business. In that spirit, we’re going to start publishing a series of blog posts sharing our experiences to other small agency business owners. Continue Reading…

    Todd Moritz
  6. Inspiration + Information

    Our job as an interactive agency isn’t to only tell inspiring stories, just as it isn’t to simply provide information. Our job is to blend inspiration and information to enable people to create their own inspiring stories. It’s not enough to tell the stories that matter. We aspire to more than that. Our job is to tell the stories that matter and drive people to action. Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  7. Saying Goodbye to David

    Almost seven years ago, David, Todd and I set out to “do better” with Substance. So it’s with a sad heart that I write that while Substance continues on, David will be leaving the long table at the end of September. As you can imagine, this is a difficult decision for David and he will be missed at Substance World Headquarters. Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  8. Enthusiasm

    Found inside a fortune cookie at the office. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  9. Wins a Mercury Award

    Our work on was recently recognized by the National Council of State Tourism Directors (that’s NCSTD to most of you) as a Mercury award winner for “Best State Travel Website” in the country. Doing the math, that puts in the top 2% of all state websites! Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau
  10. Make every product better than it’s ever been done before.

    “Make every product better than it’s ever been done before. Make the parts you cannot see as well as the parts you can see. Use only the best materials, even for the most everyday items. Give the same attention to the smallest detail as you do to the largest. Design every item you make to last forever.” Continue Reading…

    Stephen Landau

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